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December 2009
December 2
Samantha Gonzales
Samantha is the mother of 2 teenagers . . . and the recipient of a heart transplant at age 31. The doctors diagnosed it as viral cardiomyopathy, which is an enlarging of the heart due to a virus. Eight years later, Samantha's routine includes regular doctor's appointments, a host of medications, and a range of health issues that come up and will continue to for the rest of her life.  
December 9 Zoe Irene, Part 1
Zoe Irene has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder. Her mother was deeply disturbed and sexually abused her and her brother for a number of years. Severe abuse is a classic trigger for DID—it's a way for a young child to protect herself when she doesn't know how to handle such extreme events. In Part 1, Zoe Irene discusses the abuse and describes how DID manifests in her.
December 16 Zoe Irene, Part 2
This week Zoe Irene discusses the 20 years she spent in therapy recovering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as a result of years of sexual abuse. Through therapy she was able to integrate her 30 alters so that she is now at peace and happy to be alive.
December 23 Stephanie Pool
Stephanie is a personal trainer who was bulimic for 8 years. She purged solely as a weight-loss strategy, which she claims was effective, but stopped when she became pregnant at age 21 with her first son. Though it is tempting even now to purge, she hasn't done so in 4 years. She is quite athletic and muscular, and is working on developing a healthy attitude towards her curvy body.
December 30 Lester Morris
Lester talks about growing up an orphan in various orphanages and foster homes. During that time he was physically and verbally abused, from severe beatings to caning to being locked up in a box. He has written a memoir about this time, called The Violets Are Mine, which is not yet published

November 2009
November 4
Christopher Solis & Beth Berridge
Christopher was on Inner Views on October 7 talking about the surprise wedding he planned for his longtime partner Rob. Today he comes on the air with Beth Berridge to talk about their respective (and very different) experiences of being gay in the military.
November 11 Dr. Kenneth Fox
Through the organization HeartGift, Dr. Fox, who is Austin's only full-time pediatric cardiac surgeon, performs heart surgery on children with congenital heart disease born in the developing world. And he performs these surgeries for free. As he told Austin Monthly, "HeartGift is my passion, so it gets a lot of my time. I may have the best job ever."
November 18 Michael Anthony
Michael comes from a long family tradition of military service. At age 18, he served as an army medic in Iraq. He entered with an unshakeable faith in the military but comes home disillusioned, both from the horrors of war that he witnessed, along with what he saw as incredible dysfunction and misconduct by the military. His book, Mass Casualties, recounts his experiences, taking us behind the scenes and exposing what the military doesn't tell tell you about.

October 2009
October 7
Christopher Solis & Rob Rough
Who knew you could have a surprise wedding? Under the guise of a 40th birthday party, Christopher pulled off a big wedding for his long-time partner, Rob. Christopher explains all the creative details of how he planned a wedding under Rob's nose without him knowing about it, and Rob shares what it was like for him when he finally learned about the wedding . . . on their wedding day. Their 20th anniversary together is the week after the show. Congrats, Christopher & Rob! 
October 14 Richard "the Rhino" James
Richard is a bounty hunter and the author of Secrets of a Modern Day Bounty Hunter. As he writes, "True crime doesn't get any truer than this." He's been in the business for 25 years and taken more than 5,000 fugitives off the streets.
October 21 Jack Housworth
After a series of surgeries and procedures for sports injuries, Jack became addicted to the prescribed painkiller, Vicodin. When he got cut off from that, he turned to the streets and heroin. He's lost his family, lived on the streets and been in prison, all due to the drug abuse.
Jack has been clean for 6 years and now helps others with addictions as a chemical dependency counselor intern at Austin Recovery
October 28 Christine Albert
Swan Songs fulfills musical wishes at the end of life by organizing private concerts for individuals with a terminal illness. At their request, a favorite style of music or musician is brought directly to the home or facility. What they provide is moving, inspiring and beautiful. 

September 2009
September 16
Sandra Stephenson
Sandra is the guardian of a 14-year-old boy named Daniel who has autism. She has created a home-based playroom for Daniel where she works with him on a daily basis to help him come out of his shell and make developmental progress. He has grown leaps and bounds thanks to Sandra's love and care. Sandra is looking for volunteers to help Daniel in his special home-based playroom—no experience is necessary. If you want to make a difference and are interested to help, please contact her. 
September 23 Latifa Ali
Latifa is the author of Betrayed, the true story of her own life being raised as a westerner in Australia by her Kurdish Iraqi parents. When she refuses to succumb to an arranged marriage to a cousin who had raped her, her mother sees this as a great dishonor on the family and brings her back to Iraq under false pretenses, leaving her there imprisoned in her father's home. If Latifa does not escape Iraq, she will almost surely be the victim of the ancient practice of honor killing.
September 30 Trish Beach
At 6 months old, Trish and her 3 siblings were taken from their mother and split up into 4 foster homes. Trish grew up with loving foster parents and later an adoptive family, and was aware that she had siblings, but did not know who or where they were . . . until many years later. The AP got a hold of their story and they ended up being on 60 Minutes and meeting Walter Cronkite. 

August 2009
August 5
Daddy Brad & Daddy Clay from
According to the DadLabs website, they're "taking back paternity." While providing real information about a range of parenting topics for dads, DadLabs does so through the use of humor in their videos, blogs, books and more. The guys are hilarious and the interview is hilarious. I highly recommend you check out the content on DadLabs.
August 12 David Fried
David is co-author with his father of the book
Ups and Downs: The (Mis)Adventures of a Crusty Old Fart and his Bouncy Son as they Trek Though the Alps. They spent two months traveling primarily on foot through Switzerland, France and Italy, where they encountered crappy weather and, to be expected, a series of challenges and mishaps along the way. David says the trip was worth it!
August 19 John Russell
From 1994–1998, John Russell spent his summers in Bosnia at respite camps for children victimized by the Bosnian War. Though a successful businessman, he volunteered his time to help children in a war zone who had been through and witnessed the loss of their families and other horrific acts.
August 26 Jenna Bramlett
Jenna's daughter, Miriam, was diagnosed with Septo Optic Dysplasia, which has left her blind. There is a surgical procedure in China that has enabled 50 other children with optic nerve underdevelopment to see again. Jenna is desperate to raise money so Miriam can have this surgery.

July 2009
July 1
A'Keiba Burrell
21-year-old A'Keiba is the oldest daughter of MC Hammer, the 1990s pop rapper sensation who sold over 50 million albums and put out such hits as "U Can't Touch This." A'Keiba is a senior at UT studying film and music production. Her family is now the subject of a new reality TV series on A&E called Hammertime, which airs Sundays, 9:00pm Central Time. A'Keiba discusses her famous dad, the TV show and what it's like growing up around fame.
July 8 Shelley Seale
Shelley is the author of The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India, a book telling the real life stories behind children such as those portrayed in the movie, Slumdog Millionaire. It chronicles her journey over three years into India, looking at the 25 million orphan children living there.
July 15 Revenge of the Buns
Also known as the 3rd Annual Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest, it was held here in Austin on July 4th, the same day as the famous Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Event founder Mike Litt joins me in the studio to describe this fun, meat-free event, along with doubles team winners Russ Cullen and Zach Dilworth, and 3rd place singles competitor Andrew Penmer. 
July 22 Holly Hollan
Holly is the author of Soaring & Crashing, an honest and forthright memoir about her personal journey through bipolar disorder. She explains what the disorder is and shares stories of her manic episodes (involving grand delusions about Neil Diamond!). 
July 29 Happiness Is — the movie
Shapter, director of the critically acclaimed documentary, Before the Music Dies, spent two years crisscrossing the country talking to a diverse range of people. Average working men and women, authors and happiness "experts," celebrities like John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson, even the Dalai Lama talked with Shapter about what they believe it means to be happy.

June 2009
June 3
Wendy Wilkins & Jennifer Trout
Co-founders of the Travis County Ghost Hunters, Wendy and Jennifer use a combination of cameras, video recorders and electromagnetic field detectors, along with some common sense and spirituality to locate and remove ghosts from homes and businesses. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, this is pretty fascinating stuff!
June 17 Lisa Scheps
Lisa is transgender, having been born male. She always wanted to be female but it took her many years to really understand what that meant and decide to make the transition. While there are wonderful aspects of being a woman for Lisa, it is also a struggle to be transgender in our society. Lisa is open and honest, and shares a fascinating story. 
June 24 Delia Meyer
Delia Meyer's brother, Louis Perez, has been on death row since 1998 for triple murder. However he has maintained his innocence all along and there is evidence that calls his conviction into doubt. Delia and her family have been trying for the past 11 years to get his conviction overturned (and the Innocence Project is helping them) but funds are limited and time is running out. 

May 2009
May 6
David Jones & Ron Swafford
David and Ron are pedicab drivers in downtown Austin. Have you ever wondered who drives those pedicabs and why? Do you wonder what it's like to drive around all those drunk people? (And do drunk people throw up in their pedicabs?) Do you even know what a pedicab is? All those questions and more are answered in this fun, lighthearted and informational interview. 
May 13
Emily Hagins & Erik Mauck
At age 12, Emily wrote, directed and produced Pathogen, a movie about a nano chip that gets into Austin's water and turns everyone into zombies. Yes, she really did all that at age 12! Erik Mauck (along with Aaron Marshall and Justin Johnson) made a documentary about Emily called 
Zombie Girl the Movie. Now 16, Emily is almost finished making her 2nd full-length feature, a ghost story entitled The Retelling
May 20 Rupert Isaacson
Rupert's son Rowan was diagnosed with autism at age 2. He had constant tantrums and almost no verbal skills. Rupert discovered that Rowan had a special connection with horses and that, while among them, he was calm and used speech. This was the beginning of an incredible journey, which led to healings by South African Bushmen and Mongolian shamans, and the cessation of many of Rowan's autistic tendencies. Sound crazy or far-fetched? The interview is engaging and fascinating, and the story is ultimately one of love. Rupert has written a book, The Horse Boy, and a documentary, also called The Horse Boy, will be released this fall. 
May 27 JD Stewart
JD is a magician who performed magic tricks in the studio. How do you do that on the radio, you ask? Well, you invite the listeners to gather some props and they perform the tricks at the same time! JD does all kinds of performances for all types of audiences—you can learn more about him here

April 2009
April 8
wishes to be anonymous. For 11 years Debbie was a heroin addict, starting at age 18. She stole to support her habit, used while pregnant, and had her son taken away from her by her own parents. This story has a happy ending, though, and Debbie has been clean for 27 years. 
April 15 Ragen Chastain
Ragen is a wonderful dancer and a national champ in country dancing. And she weighs 280 pounds. Yep, you read that right. Ragen is fit and healthy, but nonetheless experiences discrimination on the dance floor and in the doctor's office. She articulately makes her case for focusing on fitness and health, not physical size. You can see her here
April 22 Susan Morrow
Susan earns her living as a psychic. She talks to dead people, angels and spirit guides, and offers readings, coaching, chakra assessments and more. She doesn't mind the folks who are skeptical and addresses that on the show. We learn how she uses her powers and hear stories of psychic experiences from her own life and those of her clients. You can learn more about her offerings here
April 29 Shepherd Smith
Shepherd is one of a kind - a real character and a man of many stories. He owns hundreds of chickens, many of them beautiful and/or funky-looking exotics. We learn a lot about his chickens, he shares funny stories, tells us fun chicken facts and dispels chicken myths. If you want to listen to an interview that's just simply fun, this is the one!

March 2009
March 4
The Best of 2008
KOOP, which is the Austin station where my show airs live, is in the midst of its membership drive. To remind listeners of why they listen to community radio and, more specifically, Inner Views, I play a number of clips from 2008 shows.
March 11 Keith Maitland & Chasmon Demus
Keith is the director of the film, The Eyes of Me, which is showing at this year's SXSW film festival in Austin on March 18 & 20. The Eyes of Me focuses on four students who attend the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Chasmon is one of those students.  
March 18 Samantha X
Samantha lives her life outside the mainstream. She's a traveling musician playing Yiddish, Romany and other forms of traditional music on clarinet and flute. She left home at age 13 and has essentially been traveling ever since, hopping trains, staying at hobo camps or intentional communities, and performing on the street. (Less so now that she has children and other responsibilities.) She is also the founder of the 999 Eyes Freak Show, the world's only bona fide freak show. I interviewed some of the freak show performers on December 24, 2008. You can hear that interview here
March 25 Sherif Ghaly
Four years ago, this Muslim convert was detained in an airport and later arrested on suspicion of being involved in a terrorism plot. Although he was ultimately found innocent, he spent 4 months in prison and a deportation case ensued, which lasted for years. (Sherif has a green card but is not yet a citizen.) Sherif was also on Inner Views on November 12, 2008 talking about his conversion to Islam—click here to listen to that interview. 

February 2009
February 4
Rachel Resnick
Rachel is the author of Love Junkie, a searingly honest memoir about her addiction to love and sex. She describes toxic relationships where she put up with shocking behaviors and did things herself that she is embarrassed about. The book is beautifully written and Rachel is an excellent and engaging guest. Immediately after the show's airing, Rachel was contacted by a woman who recognized herself in Rachel's descriptions. Perhaps you, too, are a love junkie and don't know it yet? Tune in to find out.
February 11 Part 1: Encore presentation of interview with James Clayton from Feb. 20, 2008.
On February 3, 2009, James Clayton was arrested for allegedly breaking into friends' homes and stealing $60,000 worth of bicycles. Apparently there are several warrants out for his arrest in Arizona for similar reasons. As it so happens, I interviewed him the year before about a supposed heart attack at age 35 and subsequent near-death experience and coma. 
February 18 Part 2: Encore presentation of interview with James Clayton from Mar. 5, 2008.
February 25 Rip Esselstyn
Rip, a former professional triathlete and now an Austin firefighter, is the author of The Engine 2 Diet, a book offering a plant-based diet that lowers cholesterol, drops pounds, and prevents a host of diseases. Remarkably, he challenged his fellow Engine 2 firefighters to eat this way during a pilot study—and the results were spectacular. In an accessible and down-to-earth way, Rip
discusses the problems with animal products and explains how and why the diet works. 

January 2009
January 7 Rayven Perkins
Rayven has been a surrogate two times. In her case, she was not the biological mother of the children; rather, eggs and sperm were fertilized in a lab setting, and then implanted in Rayven. She also developed a great relationship with the surrogate parents. Rayven talks about what it likes to be a surrogate, and shares the legal issues involved. She provides extensive information on her website
January 14 Roxanne Landon, Part 1
When Roxanne was 5, her family became missionaries in the U.S. and Mexico. What ensued was a tale of abuse, molestation, and neglect. The family lived in cars, never homes, and the children often had to forage (literally) for their own food because her parents were too busy fighting to do it. Roxanne has a difficult time sharing the details of her past, but she bravely does so. 
January 21 Roxanne Landon, Part 2
Roxanne comes back on Inner Views to talk about the aftermath of growing up in a family filled with abuse and neglect. She moved from foster home to foster home, chose abusive men as partners, and became a prosititute. This story does have a happy ending. 
January 28 Richard Garriott
Last October, Richard fulfilled a lifelong dream by flying into space, which he did as a private citizen through Space Adventures. He spent 10 days on the International Space Station where he conducted a number of experiments. The experience changed his perspective to the point where he quit his job (as a highly successful video game producer) and is now focusing his energies on the environment and space. 

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